Do you remember YOUR prom night? 

  • Were you anxious and excited to get dressed? 
  • Did you wear your dream gown? 
  • Did you stare out the window waiting on your date to show up? 
  • Was it genuinely one of THE BEST NIGHTS of your teenage life?! 


We truly hope it was because EVERY GIRL deserves a chance to have A FAIRY TALE PROM!


We at Protopype Promotions are pleased to announce a partnership with Once Upon A Prom*! From now until March 17th, 30% of EVERY package purchased HERE (insert link) will benefit Once Upon A Prom to help make the night extra special for these young ladies. Additionally, we are also giving away COMPLIMENTARY PROM PHOTO SHOOTS to  three (3) lucky young participants of the Once Upon A Prom program! Our goal is to raise $1,000 for this effort and we believe we can do it.


Purchase your shoot TODAY and proudly make a positive impact on the lives of young women in our community. 



*Once Upon A Prom is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization whose mission is to make that prom night special for every teenage girl. Every year, they provide dresses, shoes, accessories and, most importantly, once-in-a-lifetime memories for young women. Once Upon A Prom makes their prom night... unforgettable.